Month: May 2014

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Fan – Is It Worth Your Money?

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling FanHunter is one of the leading manufacturers of ceiling fans in the world. The company has always aimed to combine 21st century technology and design with 19th century craftsmanship to create high quality ceiling fans. Fans from this company are very stylish with quiet performance. Hunter only uses the finest materials to develop stylish designs. The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Fan is no exception.

Ceiling fans from the company work perfectly well in modern homes. In fact, they can help you save around 47% on cooling costs. The Builder deluxe fan delivers 5,110 cubic feet of air movement. The casual, clean look of this fan makes it one of the most contemporary choices in the market.

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General Features :

● New Bronze finish, Reversible Stained Oak or Brazilian Cherry Blades
● Easy to use in spacious rooms up to 400 sq ft
● Three speed motor for quiet performance and exceptional power
● Mount without or with the included Toffee-Glass bowl light
● Safe and simple installation
● Three position mounting – Standard, Angled or Flush 

Quality Rating – 4

Quality rating of 4 is always above average. Fans with a rating of 4 or higher offer exceptional quality. At this price, a quality rating of 4 makes the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Fan a must have for your home. This fan runs smooth, and quietly on both low and high speeds. The fan can provide you with cool air, while helping you save cash due to it’s great efficiency.

Efficiency Rating – 80 CFM / Watt

Efficiency is clearly defined by the EPA. It is the amount of airflow produced by the fan (CFM) divided the amount of electricity used (Watt). The efficiency rating for the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Fan is 80.

Efficiency is extremely important if you want to operate a lot of ceiling fans at once. However, if you just want to switch on one fan, CFM is more important. Efficiency rating of 80 is above average, helping you save a good amount of money on utility bills.

Airflow – 5,110 CFM

5,110 CFM is definitely exceptional in this price range. You can expect a strong breeze from this ceiling fan. While using this fan, you will be completely satisfied with the air quality and air flow. The wind speed of this fan is 3.94 miles per hour.

The wind speed makes sure you not only experience high speeds right beneath the fan, but every corner of the room. The blade of the fan has a wide spread, and therefore, the concentration of airflow is spread over a large area. Most people don’t spend most of their time right under the fan, but in other corners of the room. This fan will be a great choice for those who aren’t looking to constantly sit underneath the fan to keep cool.

Electrical Usage – 64 Watts

The average electrical usage of a standard ceiling fan is 76. The lower the electrical usage, the lower your utility bills will be. At 64 watts per hour, the Builder Deluxe fan will be able to help you save a lot of money. It will cost way less than the average ceiling fan.

CFM – Above Average

It is extremely important to buy a ceiling fan with higher CFM. A higher CFM ceiling fan can help you save even more money on electricity bills. If the fan moves more air, you’re able to raise the thermostat to a higher degree. This can reduce your cooling costs.

On the other hand, a less powerful fan can be a major mistake. It won’t cool you off, and you will have to lower the thermostat level. With an above average CFM rating, the Builder Deluxe is one of the best ceiling fans to purchase.

What Do Other Users Say?

I ordered this fan with my Prime Account. It was installed within a couple of hours. The fan is quiet with good lighting. It keeps the room cool, and I don’t have to worry a lot about my utility bills. It’s the perfect purchase – Jake

This fan is completely quiet. But you notice a slight hum when it’s running at full speed. Besides that, I didn’t experience any problem. I am completely satisfied with my choice. The airflow is good, and I can enjoy high wind speed. – Michael.

With so many exceptional features to offer, the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Fan is definitely the best ceiling fan in the market. The airflow spreads wider, and the powerful motor of the fan can run at high speeds. This fan is definitely a great value for your hard earned money because of its quality of design and performance. Giving you a cooling effect in your home as you relax. In this price range, the Builder Deluxe will be your best choice.