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Important factors of consideration for purchasing a ceiling fan

Large Bedroom Interior with ceiling fanA fan is a small attraction, which can complete the appearance of the room. It is extremely important to consider a few factors, before purchasing a ceiling fan. Considering these factors can help in making a wise choice, with respect to the purchase.


Size is an important factor of consideration. The size of the ceiling fan should be appropriate and should be considered, based on the size of the room. There are basically two sizes available in the market. 42 inch and 52 inch ceiling fans, are the ones that are widely available in the market. For smaller rooms, 42 inch fans can be preferred and for bigger rooms, 52 inch fan can be preferred.


If you stay in hot region, performance is extremely important for you. A good fan consisting of the right dynamics, to facilitate proper air circulation is important. It is important not to compromise on performance for design. On the other hand, in colder regions, where fan is just a display piece, they are a more off attraction piece, rather than anything else. In such situations design can be considered, over the performance, because it is hardly going to be used.


The price is an important feature, which chips in. Our budget should be practical and should be designed, keeping in mind the utility factor. Keeping the budget too high, can lead to wastage of money and low budgeting, can lead to compromise on the design and quality front.


A ceiling fan today comes with immense features. They come with sensors to on/off, based on presence of human beings. They include a remote to operate them, without the utility of a switch. These features just enhance the overall utility of the fan. However, if your budget is low, these features may be unnecessary.


There are many types of ceiling fans, available in the market. It is important to select the best one, based on the requirements. They may have additional lighting feature, or a colorful, designer fan blade, cartoon prints, etc. The decision, with respect to the type, largely depends on the utility. If you are buying it for children’s room, you shall prefer a fan with cartoon sculptures. If you are looking for a fan in a big place like a hall, you shall go for a fan with the feature of lighting, which makes it look a little bigger, than the normal ones.

Hunter ceiling fans with lights

The brand Hunter has been dominating the market of ceiling fans, from over 100 years. It is renowned for its ceiling fans, with lights today. It is important to realize some advantages of the hunter ceiling fans with lights, for considering them for our next purchase.


The Hunter ceiling fans are extremely economical. They are priced perfectly, to facilitate affordability, without compromising on quality. These fans are not cheap but, they are rightly priced for the features, they offer. The services provided by the sellers and distributers are also excellent. Thus, it is a value for money product.

Advanced motors

Motors are the heart of the fans. It is important for a motor to be good, to facilitate better life and minimal repairs. Many a times, the fans undergo repairs, due to the defect in the motors. The Hunter ceiling fans with lights come with advanced motors, which facilitate long life and less repairs.

 Product NameSize, # of Blades & Blade ColorConsumer Rating( out of 5)PriceReviews
Hunter Fan Company 55042 Stockbridge 70-Inch Ceiling Fan 70 inch / 5 / Walnut/Dark Cherry 4.7$219.00Hunter Fan Company 55042
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan52 inch / 5 / cherry 4.6$95Hunter 53091 Fan
Hunter Fan Company 54061 Valerian Bronze Patina Ceiling Fan 60 Inch / 5 / Dark Walnut - Roasted Walnut 5.0$192Hunter 54061 Ceiling Fan
Hunter 54018 The Royal Oak New Bronze Ceiling Fan 60 inch / 5 / Dark Cherry - Rustic Lodge 3.7$199Hunter 54018 The Royal Oak Fan

Superior quality

Apart from motors, the overall product is made of superior quality items. The brand Hunter does not compromise with quality. This is one of the prime reasons for consistent success, in the past 100 years. The material used for covering the neck of the fan and the material used for making the blades of the fans, are extremely durable and reliable.

Blade designs

Blade designs are extremely important for the fans. They represent the looks, exclusivity of the fans. The Hunter ceiling fans with lights offer various blade designs, which are bound to attract us. They have special designs, which satisfy the kids, teenagers and adults. They cater to the requirements of all individuals.

Advanced technology

Hunter ceiling fans with lights come with an exceptionally, advanced technologies. They facilitate high economy, in terms of consumption of electricity. They provide best performance with low consumption. The ceiling fans accommodate different styles of illumination lights, in order to facilitate dual benefits of lighting and cool air. Moreover, many models come with additional accessories, like the remote control, which facilitate convenience.

Disclosure of information

Disclosure of information is a unique feature, provided by the Hunter Company. They disclose all types of information, with regard to the manufacture of the fan. They try to provide every, possible information, like the materials used for manufacturing, manufacturing method/process, etc. A user manual is also present in the kit, which provides detailed information, with respect to installation and usage.


The Hunter ceiling fans with lights are therefore, the best buy for all individuals.

Best Selling Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter is known for their design innovations and long lasting reliability. While the company produces a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors of ceiling fans there are a few models that homeowners are choosing more often than others.

These best selling Hunter ceiling fan models are easy to install and have received at least a 4-star rating from other customers, making your buying decision that much easier. Remember, every Hunter ceiling fan includes a lifetime limited warranty on the motor so, should you have any problems, Hunter will gladly replace it free of charge.

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

The 53237 fan is designed for large rooms, up to nearly 500 sq. ft. in size, and features multiple installation configurations. The included 180 watt three-light fixture provides ample lighting and can be removed if needed, and comes with three swirled marble glass domes that beautifully compliment the dark cherry / harvest mahogany blades.

For large rooms, the 53237 is hard to beat. Reversible airflow helps circulate cool air during the summer months and warm air in the winter.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Fan

This single light model from Hunter features a Brazilian cherry hardware kit with stained oak blades and a frosted toffee glass dome that gives it an elegant, modern appeal. The motor behind this 52-inch ceiling fan is strong enough to provide circulation in rooms up to 400 sq. ft. and features Whisper Wind quiet operation. Standard mounting positions, flush, standard, and angled are all available.

Hunter 51010 Southern Breeze 42-inch Ceiling Fan

It’s hard to find a more soothing atmosphere than in a quaint southern town, and Hunter delivered the same feel with their 51010 Southern Breeze collection. This white 42-inch ceiling fan features white hardware and bleached oak blades with a frosted glass light kit, giving you the perfect southern comfort without a high price tag.

The Whisper Wind quiet motor is strong enough to cool up to 240 sq. ft. at the fan’s highest setting.

Hunter 54098 Bayview 54-inch Provencal Gold Ceiling Fan

This fan from Hunter screams sophistication and is powerful enough to be used indoors or outdoors in rooms up to 485 sq. ft. 5 reversible antiqued dark palm leaf blades are perfectly balanced and, when combined with the Whisper Wind technology, ensure that the fan remains ultra-quiet for as long as you own it.

Don’t just take our word for it, though…

While we know what Hunter fan models sell the best, we may not always know the exact model you’re looking for. You can’t go wrong by purchasing one of the ceiling fans listed here, but you can also take a look at what other people are saying about these models, and more, by Check at Amazon Here.