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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty – What Does It Consist Of?

Hampton Bay is one of the most popular manufacturers of ceiling fans out there, and is trusted on a lot by buyers. The company enjoys a lot of good reputation due to the unique design of its fans and the various features that they come with, such as built-in thermostat and timer, as well as accessories such as remote control. Like with other ceiling fan manufacturers, you can get Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty. Read on and know all about the warranty policy of the company.

Lifetime Warranty on the Motor
The motor is the part that tends to wear out the most when it comes to ceiling fans. It is important to note that the company only offers a lifetime warranty on its fan motors. The company needs buyers to keep the fan motor untouched from the time of sale. In other words, the warranty will be annulled in case of any defect or damage sustained by the motor due to the buyers’ own actions or that of any unauthorized repairmen other than the personnel designated and authorized by the company. If the motor is found to be untouched, it would be replaced for free at the company service center nearest to the location of the buyer.

1-Year Warranty on Components
The rest of the components are offered only with a warranty period of 1 year. This means that you have to pay for the repair expenses of the other parts after the 1-year warranty period on them comes to an end. Just like the fan motor, all the other components of the fans need to be kept untouched until 1 year from the date of sale. The warranty is not extended to any Plexiglas blade or glass.

Hampton Bay Warranty Points
Some of the most important points on Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty registration cards accompanying Hampton Bay fans include the following:

  • Buyers need to show a copy of the receipt of purchase as a purchase-proof.
  • The warranty does not consider some amount of wobbling as a defect.
  • The company would consider the warranty to be revoked in case it finds that any servicing has been carried out by any unauthorized personnel.
  • The company considers it the responsibility of the consumer when it comes to paying the cost of removal and re-installation of the Ceiling Fan.
  • The warranty does not also cover any damage to any of the components of its fans due to misuse, accidents or improper setting up or fixing of any of its accessories.

The company warranty does not extend any cover to any type of changes in the brass finish of the fan, such as corroding, pitting, peeling, tarnishing or rusting. It holds that it is the responsibility of the owners to safeguard the brass finish of their ceiling fans in order to make them retain their sheen for a lifetime.

Contact Hampton Bay

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It is important to stack away the purchase receipt, owner registration card and other papers that come along with every Hampton Bay fan package somewhere safe, so that you can furnish them in future to claim the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty benefits.

Hampton-Bay UC7078T with Reverse Remote Control

Hampton-Bay UC7078T with Reverse Remote Control – Features, Design and Usage

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00ALX9FIO” locale=”US” tag=”ceilingfans010f-20″]Hampton-Bay UC7078T[/easyazon_link] with Reverse Remote Control is a replacement for the remote control of the Hampton Bay ceiling fan of model number UC7078T. It comes with reverse fan button and is quite popular as a remote control device. Read and know all about this remote control and its various features.
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B00ALX9FIO” locale=”US” src=”http://allaboutceilingfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/41xgUueyiML.jpg” tag=”ceilingfans010f-20″ width=”300″]
Construction and Design
The device has a plastic finish and comes with a rectangular design. It has white color and needs batteries for operations. It draws power from a 9-volt battery. In the battery compartment, there are 4 dip switches. The remote is available in 3 different versions, and all of these 3 come with the same model number. You have to check the pictures of the remote, to find a matching one for your own ceiling fan.

The device comes with a reverse button, which can be used to reverse the ceiling fan from Hampton Bay that you have at home.
It comes with wall mount, which ensures that buyers do not need to spend money on purchasing a separate wall mount to keep the device in.

The unit has been designed especially to control the speed of the ceiling fan, and also to regulate the brightness of light.

Usage and Operations
The device can be used very easily and allows extreme convenience, making it easier for consumers to operate their ceiling fans. It is important for you to check the manual and find out whether your receiver uses the same frequency as the Hampton-Bay UC7078T with Reverse Remote Control. Unless you make sure of this, you might have a fully functional remote control device without having the power to regulate your ceiling fan with it. If the frequency matches, it can be a perfect replacement for your old one.

Many users report that the functionality and performance of this device are better than the original remote for their fans. It can also be used for controlling the brightness of light in bedrooms. The control device works perfectly and offers complete control over the fans.

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00ZAAJXX0″ locale=”US” tag=”ceilingfans010f-20″]Hampton-Bay UC7078T with Reverse Remote Control[/easyazon_link] is also known by the name Fan-HD. It comes at a price of around 12 USD on online stores. At offline stores, it comes at five or size times of the price or even greater. It can be a good idea for you to try the online stores first, to make affordable purchases. However, if you cannot find the remote at online stores, there is only option and you have to check online stores to find one for regulating your fan and light.


The device is offered with a warranty of 1 year. The components of the remote control can be replaced free of cost within the 1-year warranty period. On online stores, these are offered with a 30-day return policy. If you find your old remote within a month, or find that the control does not work with your ceiling fan model, you can return it within 30 days.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting – 5 Steps to Ensure it Works

Hampton Bay is one of the most popular manufacturers of ceiling fans in the market today. The company is into the production of high quality ceiling fans which stand out from that of other brands due to their unique design, presence of many features, wide number of accessories and affordable pricing. Many of the fans from Hampton Bay are offered with remote controls, which help buyers to operate them from a distance – without having to walk over to the switch board to adjust them or turn them on or off. If you are facing problems with your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting is possible with these steps.
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B00AM00QJS” locale=”US” src=”http://allaboutceilingfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/41YHZ6c0PwL.jpg” tag=”ceilingfans010f-20″ width=”300″]
Change its battery
If you have been using the remote for some time, there are high chances that its battery power might have drained. This is the initial step to take while you are troubleshooting the remote of your Hampton Bay fan. You need a 9-V battery for operating all of the remotes from this company.

Check its light switch
Every ceiling fan from the Hampton Bay stable comes with a light switch. Check yours and find out whether it is in a pressed on mode. This is another effective Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting tips. Unless it is switched on, the fan will not be operated and regulated by the remote control.

Check the remote light button
You should also check whether or not the remote is actually sending any signal. This can be ensured by checking whether or not the front of your remote emits a red light when you press its button. In case you find the light not coming out even after changing its batteries, you should get a replacement remote. Most of these remotes have some type of ‘trouble’ light that indicates whether or not the remote is emitting a signal.

Re-program the remote

You should try and program your remote once again in case you are unable to get it working by replacing its battery. You will find 4 dip switches once you remove the battery cover. The switches need to be set to the same posture as the receiver that is located on the ceiling fan. You should use a screw driver and move all the switches either down or up.

Change the frequency
If you find the ceiling fan to be turned off or on in a random manner, follow the earlier Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting step and alter its frequency. In some cases, garage door openers and other electronic items can interfere with the frequency of the remote and cause it to be turned on or off in a random fashion. The problem can be compounded if you have more than one ceiling fan and use the same remote to operate multiple fans by changing the program. Sometimes, the re-programming can result in interference as the remote may not be able to communicate well with all fans. You need to buy at least one more remote control for operating the other fans in such case.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control – Guide for Hampton Bay Fan Owners

Hampton Bay is one of the most reputed ceiling fan manufacturers present today in the market. It is known for making high quality fans with excellent workmanship and these have excellent design, style and shape. Many of these fans are offered with remote controls, in order to make operations easier for users. Read on and know all about Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control devices.
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”500″ identifier=”B00ALWECUG” locale=”US” src=”http://allaboutceilingfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/41mKK9w4nXL.jpg” tag=”ceilingfans010f-20″ width=”338″]
These remote controls are usually made of plastic and are battery powered. These are generally white in color, have a rectangular shape and can act as a perfect replacement for original receivers. Most of these come with a wall mount, which eliminates the need for users to buy separate ones.

Most of these comprise of an in-built thermostat, which can be useful for regulating the temperature. There is also the presence of a timer, which can be used to start or stop the fans at specific times. The remotes can also be used for setting the fan on reverse mode. Other than regulating the speed of the ceiling fans, the remotes can also be used for controlling the brightness of light on the fans. Almost every Hampton Bay remote control for ceiling fans is equipped with 9-volt battery, which is the only source of power.

In case your remote has got damaged and you are not sure which Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control would work with your fan, a universal remote is possibly the best thing to go for. There is a high probability that this type of remote would work with your fan from Hampton Bay. Although such remotes work great also with fans from other brands, they are most compatible with other fans from Hampton Bay. If you have a fan from Hampton Bay that works on a remote and is only 5 years old or even less, it is very likely that your fan would work with a universal Hampton Bay remote.

Buying Hampton Bay Remotes – Things to Remember
If you are planning to buy a remote control for your Hampton Bay fan, it is important for you to keep in mind that you cannot simply purchase any remote and expect that it will help you regulate your fan – especially in case your fan has never worked with one. In case your fan works on pull chains, you will need to continue using the same.

Check the manual of your fan to find out which remote control would work with yours. In case you cannot find your fan manual, you can look up for it online. In case of worst scenario, you can post a question on the community support forums of home depot and get your problems resolved. You can also try searching with the keywords ‘remote control’ along with the model no. of your Hampton Bay fan over search engines like Bing and Google and find out whether any of the results can be useful in finding the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control that you want.

How to Install a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?

If you have just bought a ceiling fan from the Hampton Bay company and planning to do the installation all on your own, but lack the technical know-how, you need to go through the following instructions to know how to install a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan.
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B00BF0KOFA” locale=”US” src=”http://allaboutceilingfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/31ZMbnukvEL.jpg” tag=”ceilingfans010f-20″ width=”300″]
Remove the light fixture
First of all, you have to shut down the power to the fuse or the circuit breaker of the light. After you do this, you can take the light fixture off. You can test this by changing the switches on the wall or by making use of a circuit tester to determine the original light fixture. Remove a pre-existing fixture, if there is one, and unplug the wiring. In case there is not a fan rated box present already, you have to replace the old box. This is because a fan has a dynamic physical load which is generally a lot heavier as compared to standard ceiling fixtures which have a static load.

Find a fan rated box

You can get a fan rated box from an electrical supply store or a home supply store. It will probably be a better idea to purchase an old work style box in case you cannot get access to your ceiling from the top. You will be able to get old style work boxes of two types. There is a fan rated box which is created in such a way that there is need to straddle a joist that pre-exists. Although it can be easier to set up this type of box, you need to find the joist instead of skipping it. The other box type comes with an adjustable bar which expands in order to span within two joists. Although it permits more options regarding mounting location, installing it needs slightly more involvement on your part. Anyway, both types of boxes are good enough.

Find the central point on the ceiling
In case you cannot find any central light fixture, you have to find the middle of your room where you need to set up the fan. Fix the fan rated box to the closest joist directly. You can find the central point easily by drawing chalk lines diagonally from the opposite corners of the floor of your room. Find the spot where the lines intersect each other and fasten the box directly to the point on the ceiling above it. This is one of the main aspects of how to install a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan.

Cut a hole

Once you find the central point of your ceiling, you need to find a way to draw power to the spot. Adjust the area according to the accessibility to power. You should then use a drywall saw to cut a hole manually. Find whether the spot is big enough to let your fingers pass through. A small hole will be easier to patch in case the location is an undesirable one. Now set up the fan box in this area and complete the installation. That is all about how to install a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan.

Hampton Bay Alturas Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

When thinking of having a fan, think no further than the Hampton Bay Alturas 68″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan. It one of those products that you can call superb without guilt eating you up inside and has got features the modern man surely needs. This review will clearly outline the haves and have not’s to help you get a clear picture of the fan.
Hampton Bay Alturas fan
The first thing that strikes you when you set your eyes on this fan is its style. Well it’s not a state of the art, glorious fan. But it has a an attractive walnut finish with an enhanced bronze touch on the blades that can be able to match any environment and still keep the beauty metric meter reading high. It also has a separate light kit that is so beautifully designed and complements the décor perfectly while adding on some light to the place.

This Alturas fan is also equipped with 5 good looking hand carved blades with a length of 68 inches and is able to comfortably serve a 20 ft x 20 ft room. This is because the large blades makes the interaction between the blades and air a fruitful one and get 5125 cubic feet of air moving pretty well. With the motor rotating at 70 revolutions per minute, the air circulation is going to be wonderful, not so much as to instantaneously vaporize sweat from your body but enough to cool you off and keep the air moving.

A feature mostly loved is the remote control capability. You really don’t have to keep on heading to the switch to get it moving but can simply control it from your bed. It’s got three different speeds and the fans can also be ordered to reverse rotation right from the remote to add on to the versatility and get the warm air moving downwards in chilly conditions. Oh, and about the separate light kit, it could also be operated from the remote to switch the lights on or off….like magic.

One thing though, that really proves to be a slap in the face for this fan is the installation. Yeah, it’s really cool that you can flush mount it or use the 18 inch down rod for higher ceilings. But the flush mounting bit is not so impressive, you can’t simply have it hang from the wall when wiring it and you need someone to lift the 40lb fan or start looking for a really strong hook to keep it up. Oh, and it is also very slow. It’s huge yes, can manipulate some large amounts of air with a single rotation no doubt. But it is still slow, lazily, sluggishly slow.

So there you have it, the Hampton Bay Alturas 68″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan at your service. It has received a lot of credit from its buyers and it goes a step further when it comes to doing its duties making it one of the best fans to have.