Ceiling Fans Guide

Ceiling fans have served as life-savers in summers especially in the hot regions since the time immemorial. Before the invention of the air coolers and air conditioners, this little electric motor suspended from your ceiling circulates the air inside the room and helps you cool down. A ceiling fan is harmless and affordable for anybody and it is widely used in all the countries.

Large Bedroom Interior with ceiling fanBesides spinning in some cool air inside, ceiling fan has evolved to serve as a piece of interior decoration as well. With a lot of new designs, colors and material to choose from, it surely will adorn your ceiling. But choosing a right ceiling fan of the right size for your room is the most important thing to get effective results.

Location matters

Decide on the location where you want to place your ceiling fan. Generally, for small rooms placing it in the center will circulate the air evenly. However, for large rooms it would be better if there are two fans to get optimal results.

Size of the room plays the most vital role in getting the effective cooling. It involves considering a lot of room factors such as size of the room, height of the ceiling etc.

Size of the room

· For small room up to 8’ X 10’, go for a single 30” ceiling fan.

· For medium sized room up to 12’ X 12’, go for 42” ceiling fan.

· For large rooms of size 18’ X 20’, go for two 52” ceiling fan.

Height of the Ceiling

· Hugger mount is best suited for low ceilings.

· Traditional mount is best for a medium sized 8’ ceiling.

· Traditional mounting with a lowered down rod will be good for a 9’ sized and also a sloped ceiling.

It also makes sense to consider the suspension height of the blades. It is highly recommended to have a minimum of 7’-9’ distance between the floor and the blades of the fan. However, it is good to have a distance of 8’-9’ to achieve optimum circulation.

Fans with reversible motor

Ceiling fans are designed to work for both summer and winter. There are fans with reversible motors which help to choose the option as per the needs of the climate. In summer, the blades of the fan circulate in anti-clockwise direction and it will bring in cooling effect inside the room. Whereas, in winter, the blades will rotate in the clockwise direction and it will help circulate the warm air. So it is wise to ask for the fan that is designed with a reversible motor to get the most out of it.

The cheap is not probably the best

Quality always comes with a price. It is better to invest in on a high quality fan rather than buying a cheaper one and throwing it off in a year or two. While the speed with which the motor rotates is the determining factor of the cooling effect, the design of the fan also accounts to the effectiveness. And also cheap fans will contribute more of noise that will go intolerable after certain period. Consulting an electrician before choosing a right fan which can produce better cooling at lower power will be a good move.

Choose Right Ceiling Fan Size

With that being said, Ceiling fans will never go out of fashion if chosen in the right way. Make a thorough analysis considering all the factors mentioned above before investing on your wonder machine.

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