Hampton Bay Alturas Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

When thinking of having a fan, think no further than the Hampton Bay Alturas 68″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan. It one of those products that you can call superb without guilt eating you up inside and has got features the modern man surely needs. This review will clearly outline the haves and have not’s to help you get a clear picture of the fan.
Hampton Bay Alturas fan
The first thing that strikes you when you set your eyes on this fan is its style. Well it’s not a state of the art, glorious fan. But it has a an attractive walnut finish with an enhanced bronze touch on the blades that can be able to match any environment and still keep the beauty metric meter reading high. It also has a separate light kit that is so beautifully designed and complements the décor perfectly while adding on some light to the place.

This Alturas fan is also equipped with 5 good looking hand carved blades with a length of 68 inches and is able to comfortably serve a 20 ft x 20 ft room. This is because the large blades makes the interaction between the blades and air a fruitful one and get 5125 cubic feet of air moving pretty well. With the motor rotating at 70 revolutions per minute, the air circulation is going to be wonderful, not so much as to instantaneously vaporize sweat from your body but enough to cool you off and keep the air moving.

A feature mostly loved is the remote control capability. You really don’t have to keep on heading to the switch to get it moving but can simply control it from your bed. It’s got three different speeds and the fans can also be ordered to reverse rotation right from the remote to add on to the versatility and get the warm air moving downwards in chilly conditions. Oh, and about the separate light kit, it could also be operated from the remote to switch the lights on or off….like magic.

One thing though, that really proves to be a slap in the face for this fan is the installation. Yeah, it’s really cool that you can flush mount it or use the 18 inch down rod for higher ceilings. But the flush mounting bit is not so impressive, you can’t simply have it hang from the wall when wiring it and you need someone to lift the 40lb fan or start looking for a really strong hook to keep it up. Oh, and it is also very slow. It’s huge yes, can manipulate some large amounts of air with a single rotation no doubt. But it is still slow, lazily, sluggishly slow.

So there you have it, the Hampton Bay Alturas 68″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan at your service. It has received a lot of credit from its buyers and it goes a step further when it comes to doing its duties making it one of the best fans to have.

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