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One of the best names that have dwelled on in the ceiling fan industry is Hunter Ceiling Fans. With over 125 years of experience, the company has grown to discover the needs of its customers and steadily improves its ceiling fans over the years to hold a large catalogue of some of the most impressive fans a man can have. If you are looking to get yourself an air cooler or want some wind rushing down your face to counter the blazing heat, think of a Hunter fan. The company produces products of quality, worth and unparalleled elegance coupled with timeless style. So let’s break it down and find out exactly what draws people to getting this baby hanging down the ceiling.

Hunter Fans have most of their talents revolve around tech. The company ensures that the 21st century is fed exactly what it deserves and getting this fan would have your ceiling endowed with an invention it would love. One of the major technical advances made is the Dust Armor. This is a special blade coating that covers the fans and prevents the annoying view of dust all over the fan and for the heavy bones, this can be a golden gift as the need to wake up and do some cleaning is eliminated. There’s also the triangular hanger ball system that aims to give the fan some rock solid performance and reduce torque and still offer a three mounting position choice.

 Product NameSize, # of Blades & Blade ColorConsumer Rating( out of 5)PriceReviews
Hunter Fan Company 55042 Stockbridge 70-Inch Ceiling Fan 70 inch / 5 / Walnut/Dark Cherry 4.7$219.00Hunter Fan Company 55042
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan52 inch / 5 / cherry 4.6$95Hunter 53091 Fan
Hunter Fan Company 54061 Valerian Bronze Patina Ceiling Fan 60 Inch / 5 / Dark Walnut - Roasted Walnut 5.0$192Hunter 54061 Ceiling Fan
Hunter 54018 The Royal Oak New Bronze Ceiling Fan 60 inch / 5 / Dark Cherry - Rustic Lodge 3.7$199Hunter 54018 The Royal Oak Fan

With all that technology up its sleeves, the Hunters fan doesn’t surprise us when its performance tops the charts. The quality materials used and professional way in which the different parts of the fan are put together make the fan a powerful tool. It rotates like it would never again only that it could do it forever and no matter how large the room is, the awesome air circulation it provides is felt all over the place. That’s just a scratch of the surface; these fans have an Ultra-silence feature that ensures the vigorous activity the fan engages itself in to cool you off is done in silence. The perfect servant for the perfect master.

Everybody’s different with unique characteristics, tastes and preferences deeply hardwired in our DNA makeup. So how do Hunter fans cut through everyone’s differences? It’s really not witchcraft, the thing is, the company produces a wide range of different fans targeted at the different personalities people posses. Any kind of person from any walk of life is able to find a product that can cater for his/her needs and still lie within their budget. If you want hard bodied steel or you are more of an oak person who loves connecting with nature, you can still have the privilege of sticking a Hunter’s fan up your ceiling.

These fans also have one thing everybody loves to be associated with-style. They blend an awesome 19th century art to an impressive 21st century design and the results are simply astounding. The creativity is at its optimum with glamorous creations making their way into the Hunter fans catalogue so if you are a man of style, then get buying. To some, this may make a fan hunting quest an activity to look forward to and feed the artistic eye with the best finishes being those of bronze, brass and even gold. If you want your name up the wall of fame, hurry while stocks last.

You want to go all James Bond in the hood? The features that these creations come with allow you to do just that. Well, in addition to the super cool technology that is used, there are some extra accompaniments to the fans that most consider more than impressive. Some fans come with remote controls. Yes, the need to reach out to the switch has been eliminated and with these you can simply rest on your sofa, sip on your lemonade and click buttons to order the fan around, or rather above. With the remote you can regulate the fan’s speed, blade direction and even its power. You’ll be guaranteed of heightened comfort levels and those rooms that think they are out of reach won’t know what hit them. Additional features include fans with lighting, retractable blades, self balance and automation.

The Hunter Ceiling Fans are also incredibly easy to maintain, you could even do it by intuition but reading the installation guide is probably best as there are different brands. On purchasing, you won’t be subjected to complex rocket science procedures but instead, you’ll be enjoying its effects in minutes. Operating it is even easier, no training or instructions are required in the least bit but for the ones with all the extra enhancements, you can have a peep in the manual to prevent ruining anything.

The fans put your energy bills in check. They consume very little current and you’ll be comfortable having a number of them around and not fretting on raised bills. They are recorded to reduce the energy costs by 47% and you can be comfortable with them beautifying even the exterior of you home and add an extra touch of décor to your property.

One last amazing thing about the Hunter Ceiling Fans is their life time warranty they hold. Though you are probably never going to use this, it’s just there to steal your trust and have you feeling confident that the product you buy will last you a lifetime. The fan’s top notch quality and sturdy build would never allow it to disappoint the customers but if the fan goes against all odds and experiences a problem, then use your warranty but that is highly unlikely.

All that quality and extreme awesomeness in one package is not such an easy thing to find especially in this crooked world. But these fans prove to the world that perfection surely does exist. Elegance, style, durability, high performance and affordable price are not qualities you would find in one package-except the Hunter ceiling Fans. The company offers the best and with these scary global warming bedtime stories we constantly hear on TV, a quality fan is something you got to invest in.

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