70 inch ceiling fan

Hunter Fan Company 55042 Stockbridge 70-Inch Ceiling Fan

55042 Stockbridge 70-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Walnut/Medium Oak Blades and Light Kit, New Bronze

hunter fan 55042 ceiling fanThere are some things you really look for when intending to buy a fan and before you start giving away your hard earned money, you’ve got ensure they are there. This is one of those fans that can comfortably fit in the category of the ‘Tomorrow inventions’. The Hunter Fan Company seems to be doing a good job in producing quality stuff so let us crack down on it, see what it really can do and accept what it can’t. So what does this fan offer?

For starters, the fan has got a New Bronze finish and combined with its traditional design, it really sets the bars high when you’re also in the search for style. It comes with a scavo glass light ball that keeps the fire burning on the elegant end and with all those features the fan can add a mighty flair to your home. It’s able to match whichever internal color combinations and further complement them for top notch beauty standards.

The technology it uses is the latest kind. It ensures the fan operates faithfully and perfectly with a Whisper Wind motor that keeps the fan rotating in silence. In case you are worried about the dust, this beauty has got it all sorted out and a Dust Armor Nanotechnology that is used to coat the blades keeps the dust out of it. You’ll never have to experience the sight of a miserably dirty fan in a sparkling room again. Oh, and they’ve got reversible blades too, sweet!

The five 70 inch blades don’t need to rotate fast to get the air flowing superbly. They are ideal for a large room with over 625 sq. ft. and they blow 8766 Cubic Feet every Minute. Additionally, it offers its installation in three positions, standard, flushes mounting and even angled to ensure it takes care of all kinds of ceiling heights. You also have the option of including the three 60 watt candelabra bulbs fitted beautifully in their bowl if you care.

The three speeds; low, medium and high ensure you are able to get the rotation you are okay with but the problem comes in when you look for the remote and miss it and you’re instead forced to depend on pull chains. It’s quite a bombshell really, a fan as high class as this without a remote control in this digital era…sad. You’d also expect the speed to be faster when you set it at high but then again, it is 70 inches long so the blades handle a much larger amount of air in a single swipe.

The Hunter Fan Company 55042 Stockbridge 70-Inch Ceiling Fan is one of those beauties that can get you into believing in love at first sight. A product that’s from a company with over 126 years’ experience such as this is doesn’t come as a disappointment and though it’s not perfect, it does its job to the letter.